Overheated oil prompts manly ferry emergency

Суббота, 20 июня 2020, 9:48
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Overheated oil prompts manly ferry emergency

Meadows police received an emergency call shortly before 9 a.m. from someone who said they had found a man in the oil-spill channel of the river about 12.5 kilometres off Fort Nelson.

The man, later identified as 56-year-old Charles Fitch, was discovered with a life-threatening head injury, according to his relatives and a spokesman for B.C. Forestry and Wildlife. He has jarvees.comsince been flown to Royal Columbian Hospital and is lisjarvees.comted in stable condition.

In an emailed statement, a B.C. Forestry spokesperson said the area where the man died was covered by a closed-loop containment system.

«The area around the spill is covered with an estimated 400 barrels of oil, and we believe that this containment system is effective in slowing flow in the basin. We don’t have a suspect description yet.»

This is the third time in the last week that the B.C. government has faced the possibility of an oil spill in the area.

In September, the B.C. Conservation Department received two additional reports of an oil slick in the Peace River. One man reported he was hiking in the Peace River, and another reported he was walking along the Peace River Trail. The Peace River, which runs east from the Peace Valley, is a popular hiking trail.

In February, a spill of oil had been spotted in the Peace River but had not been confirmed as a spill by federal autho우리카지노rities because there was no evidence of an explosion.



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